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Welcome to RiseUp Volleyball

Our Volleyball program is our recreational, instructional and developmental program. 

in 2023, we hosted our first volleyball camp at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ and it was a huge success. Coach Glen Jansen was amazing and received rave reviews!

Over the years, we've held volleyball events on grass, sand, indoor and outdoor courts. 

1. Energy Check Drill

2. Down Ball Hitting Drill

3. Toss Up Setting Drill

4. Fizzles Setting Drill

5. Four Sets Drill

6. Low Catch Passing Drill

7. Volleyball Burpee Passing Drill

8. Deliver and Pop Serve Drill

9. 10 to Kill Ball Control Drill

10. Popcorn Ball Control Drill

11. Big Kernel Little Kernel Ball Control

12. Five-Second Rule Ball Control Drill

13. Muscle Memory Throws Drill

14. Serve Receive Wave Drill

15. Flip Flop Passing Drill

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