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Meet the Founder

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Felix L. Agosto, MVP360 Youth Sports in Philadelphia President, Founder and CEO was born in Bridgeport, CT but raised in Allentown, Pa. We lived in government housing also known as the "projects" named Cumberland Gardens. It wasn't easy but we all made it out. My brother is a Fire Chief, one of my sisters' is a nurse and the other is retired after a very successful career in hospitality.  


When I was 12 years old, I started playing basketball in my neighborhood. I wasn't very good but it gave me a purpose in life. Something inside of me wanted to be "great" and so I practiced day and night. "Great" to me didn't mean that I would make it to the NBA; it meant that I would be able to compete no matter whom I faced on the court. This competitive nature would get me through many tough times throughout my life. Thus my love of sports was born.  At 16, I started working for a gym in my neighborhood, which was managed by the Boys and Girls Club of America. I loved it! I got a chance to be a part of starting and running sports programs for kids. Ironically, I was part of a group of workers that formed an indoor flag football league from scratch. The rules we came up with then are the same ones I use today for Eagles Flag Football!

I graduated from Dieruff High School in 1991. After a short time living in New York, I was offered a job at the Boys and Girls Club of America in Allentown, Pa. to be the Youth Athletic Director. The grant would eventually run out and so I moved on to social work. I was an Independent Living Caseworker for several years. I assisted foster kids transition from foster homes to independent living. I also worked with "At Risk" youth as an Advocate. Unfortunately, I soon realized that I needed to obtain a degree if I wanted to succeed in life. And so at 24 years of age, I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force.

The inspiration for MVP360 came from My Son Felix Jr. Felix Jr. Was born in 2001 and is a true "Miracle" baby. He weighed 1 pound 7 oz. and was born at 24 weeks. 

Early on I got him involved in sports but something just didn't work for him. He was athletic and seemed like a natural, but sports just wasn't his thing. However, since we lived on base, there was always something for him to do and someone to play with. This all changed when I retired. 


When I moved off base, I found that there just wasn't much for kids to do. The only option we had was for him to join a travel team and some sort of competitive league. No recreational center or clubs where kids could just have fun. MVP360 is changing this, one neighborhood at a time. 

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Felix Jr
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